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Pet Paw Footprint nyaklánc

Pet Paw Footprint nyaklánc

Normál ár €10,36 EUR€10,36 EUR
Normál ár Akciós ár €10,36 EUR€10,36 EUR
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This Kisállat mancs lábnyom nyaklánc is a unique and stylish way to show your love for your pet. The necklace features a paw print charm that is crafted from sterling silver and hangs from a delicate chain. The charm is engraved with your pet's name, making it a truly special piece of jewelry.

This necklace is perfect for pet owners who want to show off their furry friends in a fashionable way. It's a great way to keep your pet close to your heart, and the sterling silver charm is sure to last for years to come. Whether you're looking for a special gift for a pet lover or a unique way to show your own love for your pet, this necklace is sure to be a hit.

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