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Double-Layer Cat Litter Mat: Waterproof & Non-Slip

Double-Layer Cat Litter Mat: Waterproof & Non-Slip

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Experience the luxury of clean and dry floors with our double-layer cat litter mat.

Its sophisticated two-layer design traps litter and prevents tracking, while its waterproof and non-slip features keep your floors elegant and untouched. With its convenient, machine-washable feature, cleaning and maintaining the mat is a breeze. Perfect for the exclusive cat owner.

Material: EVA

Colors: Black, Beige, Pink, Gray, Blue, Brown


  • 30 * 30cm / 11.8X11.8inch
  • 40 * 50cm / 15.7X19.6inch
  • 45 * 60cm / 17.7X23.6inch
  • 55 * 75cm / 21.6X29.5inch

1. Cat litter catcher:

  • Captures over 95% of cat litter.
  • The top layer has a honeycomb design with through-holes that allow cat litter to easily pass through.
  • The bottom layer is made of waterproof material that collects cat litter, urine, and other dirt.
  • The upper and lower layers of the cat litter mat are designed as follows:
    • The top layer uses a hexagonal hole with a concave and convex design.
    • This prevents cat litter from splashing when falling, and the spherical soft touch also prevents cats from scratching.
    • The bottom layer is sealed for cat litter.
    • The bottom has regularly spaced round holes, which are effectively non-slip to prevent the cat from slipping and getting injured.

      2. High-quality material:

      • Made of high-elasticity EVA material.
      • EVA is soft, washable, and non-irritating, suitable for cats who like a soft touch.

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